Here are some amazing links to other Apologetics Blog and Resources:  - great resource and links to thousands of podcast, interviews with leading apologists, and links to other bloggers  - Navy Seal Chad Williams helps explain certain questions in role playing questions to help make it easier to understand on how to present different arguments - Mikel Del Rosario is one of the youngest influential apologists, studied at Biola University in Apologetics, has some great interviews and curriculum. - A great resource including an iPhone/droid app with podcasts, videos and articles by Dr. William Lane Craig

If your wanting to lead a small group, or start getting a more formal education check this resource out.
Reclaiming the Mind

Suggested Book Readings:
Below are some books I recommend that I have read that range from daily Christian living, to apologetics:

Faith Undone- Roger Oakland - book is about understanding the emergent church movement

Always Ready- Greg Bahnsen-  helps walk you through practical apologetic problems

When God goes to Starbucks- Paul Copan- Guide to everyday apologetics

The Case for Christ/ Case for Faith- Lee Strobel - A comprehensive investigation into proving Christianity in todays world

God has a wonderful plan for your life- Ray Comfort- Great book on the misleadings of todays evangelism by false conversions.

Seal of God- Chad Williams- biography of a Navy Seal turned apologist and the trials of being a SEAL and a believer.

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